Social media tips for journalists

newsRobert Peston the  BBC’s business editor has recently blogged about the future of news journalism. In his  Richard Dunn Memorial Lecture post he says

“Rather than total journalists, perhaps we are becoming Denis Waterman journalists as per “Little Britain”, i.e. we write the theme tune, sing the theme tune, and so on.”

Apart from making me smile the point he makes is that  in national and international news, convergence has already happened for TV, radio and newspapers. We all do video, audio and the written word. I had a chat with a journalist colleague recently about the best way to monitor news releases and blogs on the internet. It got me thinking about how journalists can use social media to reach other news hounds and how to measure the impact.

The web has changed the rules from communicating with the media to communicating directly with consumers, the primary audience is no longer ‘journalists’. There are many influential PR bloggers – see Steve Rubel’s micropersuasion blog for example, and resources like Gina Chen’s top 10 tips for journalists who blog.

10 Tips for reaching journalists through social media


  1. Optimise news delivery for searching & browsing – key words and key phrases have become more important
  2. Place links in news releases to deliver people to landing pages on your website
  3. Make sure you have RSS feeds on your website. Some journalists love rss feeds. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” – it’s a format for distributing and gathering content from sources across the Web, including newspapers, magazines, and blogs
  4. Create an online media room
  5. Muck rack – follow journalists on twitter
  6. Pitch bloggers – being covered in important blogs will get you noticed by mainstream media
  7. Does your local reporter have  blog? Read it, comment on it, track back to it and start your own blog!
  8. Target one reporter at a time and pitch to the particular journalist direct
  9. Follow up potential contacts promptly
  10. Use social media monitoring tools to track conversations and mentions (see below)

Social media links for journalists

Social media monitoring tools for journalists


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