Blogging for beginners

blogging4beginnersBeen showing a colleague today how to set up a blog. It’s so exciting to see people dive in and explore the wonderful world of the blogosphere. There are lots of blog hosting services (places where your blog will live) to start blogging on. The most popular ones are Blogger, WordPress and TypePad but there are many more. I use WordPress, it’s easy to use and get started, just sign up and experiment. I am not a expert blogger but here are some tips i have come across recently that i have found useful …

– Keep it simple – Start with an easy to use blogging tool like WordPress

–  Pick topics that you are passionate about –  you’ll find people with similar interests to connect with.

Interact – Make sure your blog has a comments feature – when someone leaves a comment email them or leave a reply.

Think about the purpose of your blog – Decide what you will and won’t write about and stick to it.

Read other blogs and link to them – Blogging connects people thinking through similar issues.  Link to them, add your own ideas, leave comments. Technorati is the place to start – have a look at the top 100 list and subscribe to feeds you find interesting.

I use my blog as an online reference library to note posts and links that i love. Here are some links to blogging resources that i have found useful …


SEO : keyword discovery tools

T1 golhe first stage in search engine optimisation is keyword discovery. Nothing works better than a good ‘thought storm’ to choose target keywords and phrases and plan your strategy. Keyword planning ensures that you focus your resources on valuable keywords – not targeting keywords that are ineffective.

Mike Moran and Bill Hunt call this the Goldilocks principle. Try to find keywords that are not too hot, not too cold but ‘just right’. The next stage is to use keyword tools to find out words heavily used by searchers, reveal variations and find out keyword demand. I use several keyword tools to make better decisions as over reliance on one tool can be misleading. The most useful  keyword discovery tools i have found are  :-

The first sabctage of keyword discovery can be very time consuming and represents 20% of seo work. Solid understanding of the ‘just right’ keywords and phrases is the most important aspect of search engine marketing. There are many seo resources on the web. The best ones (in my opinion) are on my blogroll so check them out for more information.

The best books i have read on seo and search engine marketing are:-