Can the internet make you rich?



ITV’s tonight programme this evening explored how the internet is opening up new avenues for budding entrepreneurs to make their fortunes online  in these recessionary times.

Most of the entrepreneurs in the programme simply had a good idea and used the web and social media to exploit it. Take Lauren Luke’s You Tube video make up tutorials – Brilliant! – I’ve subscribed and i didn’t even realise i needed to.

When the internet first came around it was synonymous with porn, online dating and dodgy websites that sucked. How things have changed, nowadays  :-

• there are 42 million online shoppers in the UK
• 71% growth in the last 2 years
• Now 17p in every pound is being spent online (almost twice that of the US).
• £68.4 billion UK trade is expected to be done on the internet in 2009 compared with only £87m in 2000

What strikes me is that the people who are successful are authentic, real and practical. Social media channels simply enable entrepreneurs to promote ideas, products, messages or behaviors and spread them like viruses –  as Malcolm Gladwell so eloquently describes in The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Image the potential that Crowd Sourcing brings for business and social change…


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