Hi and thanks for visiting my blog.

ybbusiness120I’m Yvette also known as  webyogi because I am a social media marketing bod and yoga enthusiast when you can drag me away from my laptop.

Where i work
I am very fortunate and proud to work in the public sector for a great employer Brighton & Hove City Council.  I love my job and the opportunities  it brings. I feel grateful to be part of a highly creative, innovative communications team. I have worked in Public Relations, Marketing and Web Communications in various guises for many years.  See my linkedin profile for more info.

My passions are aroused by social media, digital marketing, online communities and where it’s all converging. Yes honest…. i’m a girl geek!

  • CV: on linkedin
  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/webyogi
  • Loves: Family time, Harvey, my mum, friends, meditation, spirituality, cycling, yoga, nature, sunshine, the sea, hot far away places, sleep and Brighton of course.
  • Fave website and why : Cravendale Milk – for campaign execution – try it and see!
  • Fave Film : Beaches/The English Patient – I have been known to blubber…
  • Fave track/music/video : Last fm. AHA take on me – the literal version, Beyonce – all the single ladies.
  • Religion : The church of spirituality, buddhism, white eagle lodge, karma yoga, open mindedness, willingness and honesty.

My full time job is mum to Harvey my amazing, creative, beautiful son. He is the best thing that ever happened to me – he  grounds my world. I love to laugh, do yoga, lie in green grass, hug trees (that’s not true)  meditate, camp under the stars, read juicy novels and enjoy life – it’s not a rehearsal.

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