Catch phrases from the 80’s. My faves?

Catch phrases from the 80’s. My faves? Smeghead, Oh Kermie! i taught I taw a puddy tat. … and yours? I’ll be back


Hootsuite basics : Information sheet on

Hootsuite basics : Information sheet on core tools good for newbies, clients and dummies like moi x

Jackob Nielsens alertbox on web usabilit

Jackob Nielsens alertbox on web usability : Should you copy famous web site designs?

New blog post : What’s the story behind

New blog post : What’s the story behind Facebook stories?

New blog post : And all because the lady

New blog post : And all because the lady loves Old Spice? Social media campaign statistics #socialmedia #smm

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Facebook users in Brighton

flickr-986548379-imageHow many people use social media in Brighton? I thought i’d do a bit of research to find out the statistics  – harder than i thought! So i’m making a start with Facebook.

Just for info …the resident population of Brighton in 2001 was 247,817.

Facebook users in Brighton

I used the Facebook “advertising” option and these are the results based on facebook’s estimates (not entirely sure these are great estimates). The following statistics are based on the search criteria:

  • people who live in the United Kingdom
  • people who live within 25 miles of Brighton or Hove

Age group

  • Under 25 – 192,120 people
  • 26- 40 – 205,440 people
  • 41 – 55 – 82,720 people
  • 56 plus – 17,600 people
  • Men – 255,580 people
  • Women – 292,800 people
  • All age 18 and older – 477,760 people

Facebook isn’t the only social media tool, but it does provide a good example of the level of people locally who you could reach, and who are likely to have not been reached before other than through traditional marketing channels.