Twitter strategy template for government

marek-sotak-twitterJust been reading the cabinet office digital engagement blog and came across Neil Williams Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments.

It’s a lot to digest (20 pages) but extremely useful for newbie tweeters, infact anyone who wants to understand the Twitter phenomenon.

It explains how to use Twitter, why you need a corporate Twitter channel, how to measure and evaluate return on your investment,  risks, how to promote  and best practice for producing great Twitter content. It’s got the lot.

I particularly like to simple glossary of terms that make sense to regular tweeters but are a mystery to mere mortals. This is an incredibly useful template that can be adapted and published to help colleagues along on the journey of social media enlightenment. Visit Neil’s blog at


A huge list of social media and blogging guidelines

There are many social media and blogging guidelines online. While researching I found myself searching back and forth between sites. On this post I have put the most impressive links in one place for reference and hopefully not to re-invent that wheel.

I’m a bit obsessed with social media guidelines having recently come back from the  inspirational, amazing, early morning soiree that was Localgovcamp. I am still buzzing with excitement about what’s happening in the world of local authority social media.

One  policy that really sings to me  is Zappos Twitter policy ‘Be real and use your best judgement’ – that’s it!  Thanks to original posts  listed below  just for reference….

The list

Employee guidelines

Blogging guidelines

Once digested and reviewed i’m working on  a very simple version in plain English using lovely charts….