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A huge list of social media and blogging guidelines

There are many social media and blogging guidelines online. While researching I found myself searching back and forth between sites. On this post I have put the most impressive links in one place for reference and hopefully not to re-invent that wheel.

I’m a bit obsessed with social media guidelines having recently come back from the  inspirational, amazing, early morning soiree that was Localgovcamp. I am still buzzing with excitement about what’s happening in the world of local authority social media.

One  policy that really sings to me  is Zappos Twitter policy ‘Be real and use your best judgement’ – that’s it!  Thanks to original posts  listed below  just for reference….

The list

Employee guidelines

Blogging guidelines

Once digested and reviewed i’m working on  a very simple version in plain English using lovely charts….

Catch phrases from the 80’s. My faves?

Catch phrases from the 80’s. My faves? Smeghead, Oh Kermie! i taught I taw a puddy tat. … and yours? I’ll be back http://ow.ly/2yCH2

Hootsuite basics : Information sheet on

Hootsuite basics : Information sheet on core tools good for newbies, clients and dummies like moi x http://ow.ly/2xVwL

Jackob Nielsens alertbox on web usabilit

Jackob Nielsens alertbox on web usability : Should you copy famous web site designs? http://ow.ly/2tRJn

New blog post : What’s the story behind

New blog post : What’s the story behind Facebook stories? http://ow.ly/2fu2C

New blog post : And all because the lady

New blog post : And all because the lady loves Old Spice? Social media campaign statistics http://ow.ly/2efOU #socialmedia #smm

How companies are using twitter for business

Checked LinkedIn lately? The new partnership between LinkedIn and Twitter allows you to sync your accounts. So..if  you’ve found an interesting article that affects your business  you can Twitter it and have it tweeted to your LinkedIn contacts too.

When i first started to use twitter i felt like it was some sort of secret club (a freemasons for geeks) where everyone knows each other. I was petrified of doing my first tweet and thought how i do i use it, what for and what’s the #.@ all about?

As i started to use it i realised that Twitter is just a communication tool to let one person connect with another. It’s also a form of permission-based marketing.

Using twitter for business

Companies know that they should probably be using Twitter but they are not all clear on why or how. Ruth Mortimer – Marketing Week .

Companies can take several different routes to using twitter for business…

  • direct – using twitter as a marketing or public relations channel
  • indirect –  let employees tweet to promote positive feelings about the company (making sure they follow acceptable and desirable online particpation guidelines)
  • internal – by using microblogging services like Yammer and present.ly
  • listening –  keeping track of what’s being said about the company though micro conversations

Here are some other ways that companies are using twitter for business …

  • real time coverage of events and feedback or questions e.g conferences
  • building the companies brand – brand engagement answering customer service enquiries, for example Jetblue Airlines say ‘have a question? Follow us and let us help! They have 1,441,981 followers.
  • talk about topics customers may be interested in
  • broadcasting news and special offers
  • share ideas or communicate about what projects staff are working on

Some organisations have corporate twitter accounts others have multiple accounts to offer a different take on the corporate tweet. Whatever approach is taken Twitter allows companies to engage directly with customers and be more human which can’t be a bad thing.